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Manicure &


Manicure.                                                      £24

Pedicure.                                                       £28

Spa manicure.                                               £34

Spa pedicure.                                                £38

The following premium finishes will incur an additional charge.

+ French shellac/gel.                                      £8

+ Shellac/gel.                                                  £6

+ Rockstar shellac/gel.                                   £8

+ French OPI polish.                                       £2

File and polish.                                              £15

+ French.                                                         £2

Shellac/Gel Express

(includes file, cuticles and application)

Shellac/gel express manicure.                      £24
Shellac/gel express pedicure.                       £24
Shellac/gel removal.                                        £5
Soak off acrylic nails.                                     £15

The following premium Shellac/gel finishes will incur an additional charge.

+ Rockstar.                                                      £2
+ French.                                                         £2


Finishing Touches Hands and Feet

Looking and feeling gorgeous has never been so easy

Completing your look with our range of finishing touches is a great way to feel fantastic, improve confidence and add that little spring back into your step. They say the attention to detail is the most important part to achieving your overall look, we are confident you will find a service or treatment that is right for you.

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